Holistic Psychiatry In our process of diagnosing and treating mental disorders, we absolutely must consider the entire person. What does this mean? In essence, we must consider one’s “Bio-Psycho-Social” formulation. Biologically, we examine ancestry/genetics, neurological + medical conditions, women’s health issues, existing non-psychiatric medication + supplement schedules, and contributions from any regularly consumed intoxicant, legal or illegal. These factors will of course have mood-altering effects. We have to know as best as possible how many “cooks” we have in the “kitchen.” Psychologically, we examine upbringing, cultural, religious, and spiritual factors; trauma history; unskillful, limiting core beliefs. Deep-seated hindering core beliefs often times grow to bean-stalk caliber heights over the years (if not decades), and so are absolutely targets for holistic psychiatry. Socially, we consider occupation, relationships, finances, social supports, coping methods. Only after each of these 3 components is taken into consideration can we place ourselves in an expansive state to provide optimal treatment. Hence, medication prescriptions, if applicable, are just the beginning.

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