Lifestyle Coaching Tired of the way you are living your life? Let’s begin carving a different path TODAY. There is no better time that right now. This means even if you have been in a toxic relationship with a certain behavior for “too long.” At our practice, we courageously tackle life-long patient issues, such as eating disorders. This includes treating symptoms of formal diagnoses like Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, and Bulimia Nervosa; and also symptoms of eating behavior that doesn’t quite fit any of these descriptions. We are incredibly passionate about eating disorder coaching. Our strategy typically includes reviewing logs of weekly behaviors, food intake, and number of episodes. We shine light on triggers, contributing factors, and any sources of enabling that may be present. Eating disorders aside, another common area of lifestyle coaching we emphasize is getting better sleep. This includes processing maladaptive pre-sleep behaviors and promoting a healthier relationship with the process of recharging our batteries!

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